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We are committed to helping seniors live independent lives on their terms

Your safety and comfort along with your independence and dignity are at the top of our priorities. Experience exceptional care with us!


11806 Bruce B downs Blvd 1157 Tampa, FL 33612

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Our mission is to help seniors elevate their quality of life through extensive care and assistance from our expert caregivers...



Honeycomb Caregivers

Honeycomb is the leading provider of senior care services in tampa Florida . Our facility provide outstanding care for the elderly and individuals with mental disabilities. We ensure their safety, comfort, and wellbeing in their golden years. Our goal is to offer a homely environment to our residents, who will receive personalized care and attention from our qualified staff.

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We accept different major insurance plans for your convenience. Find out if your insurance plan covers our services.

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Honeycomb is dedicated to enriching the lives of its residents, and that commitment extends to the surrounding community as well. The facility strives to connect with and support the community in a number of ways, from partnering with local organizations to creating outreach programs that benefit residents and non-residents alike.

Services we offer

We want to give you only the best. This is why we customize our services to match your needs and preferences. Feel the loving care and comfort with us today!

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